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Greek webcam girlAs much as I wanted to stay with NightJewelry IMHO the hottest Israeli webcam girl ever, it was time to move on since our webcam sex adventure is not finished so we not quite ready yet to settle down. This week we virtually fly back to Europe and set foot in Greece, a country in southeastern Europe. Greece has land borders with Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia. Did you know Greece has the tenth longest coastline in the world at 14,880 km in length, featuring hundreds of small islands, maybe you’ve heard of the island Crete and it’s Mythology before? Why am I always trying to educate you while in the back of my head I know you’re only reading this because of Greek webcam girls like xmaribellax, isn’t she lovely?

xmaribellax is a sweet looking Greek camgirl, only 21 years old and since she is already a CamContacts girl for at least 2 years, she started when she was 19. So I guess it is true what they say about innocent looking girls; they are often the naughtiest! xmaribellax has got long blonde hair, it is obviously not her natural color but it makes her look really sexy…like Shakira. I don’t know what else to say about xmaribellax’s body, besides it is perfect again, and she is one og the hottest Greek webcam girls I’ve seen so far. Maybe this would be a good time to compliment me with my search ability, where the hell do I keep finding the hottest webcam girls from all different countries like Greek webcamgirl  week after week…

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During a private cam session with xmaribellax you will soon find out why she has hot a 4.5 star user rating in her profile, this Greek camgirl certainly knows how to party! I know the term “Greek sex” which means anal sex actually, but now I also know why they call it Greek sex 😉 Are all Greek webcam girls this playful, obedient and willing to please? If so, I will definitely put Greece on my list of “countries I have to visit”. In the meantime, thank god for webcam sex with sexy, playful Greek webcam girls like xmaribellax.


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