fixed rate webcam sex sites review

phone access camsLet’s take a close look at Obviously this site specialized in “phone access” sex cams which comes in very handy if you would like to enjoy an adult video chat but don’t have a credit card or want to remain anonymous. The other major advantage of paying by phone is that you do not have to purchase a package of credits up front, you simply call the (premium) number and as long as you keep the line open, you can visit the video chat rooms of the live girls, boys, couples and shemales. Since it’s phone access, you pay by the second, and if you are “done”, just hang up the phone and the connection will stop. Probably the only thing left, and the only clue you were ever there, is a big satisfied smile on your face.

You start by accepting the “adult warning” so you can enter the platform. A homepage full of little cam boxes awaits you inside. We do feel the layout is a little boring, a little 2008 to be honest. The site should automatically be displayed in your geo language but you can change the language on top of the page. They must have put some effort into this, because the platform is available in about every thinkable language. Even the Chinese language is available in case you would like to combine pleasure with a little study. I am not sure whether there is a premium number for people located in China though. I do feel they should have put the same amount of effort in the design but in the end it’s the content that matters of course and at first sight the content looks great. has a few pretty decent search / filter options that should make it easy to find the girl you are looking for. You can quick select girls / buys or shemales in different age ranges from teens to gilfs. Additionally the drop down menu on the right enables you to select more specific characteristics like “brunettes” , “Asian”, “Arabian”, “BBW” and “Matures”.  For a pay by phone webcam site, the amount of live performers is pretty impressive. No less than 150 girls, 10 cam boys and 15 shemales live so the desired amount of variety is definitely there.

Once you have made browsed the models, read profiles and made your choice, you click on “START CHAT”. A new opens with all the info and options you need to have to start a live sex session. If you location is not already set up correctly, just select the country you at and the correct telephone number will be displayed. The rates are fixed for all countries and very from euro 0,80 in the Netherlands to $1,99 in the US. Additionally you can create an account for discounts and other payment options will be available for members (credit card,Ukash).

What we like about this site is that the majority of the models are real amateurs, tons of Dutch and UK camgirls broadcasting live shows from their bedroom, because that is what they love to do, not because they have to. That makes interacting so much more real and better. The cam quality can vary, but most of the girls have decent web cameras and some have even crystal clear camcorders set up. All together is definitely worth checking out is you are in a rush, or simply don’t have a credit card and wish to remain anonymous. 


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Camquality/options: 4.8 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 4.8 out of 5

Pricing: 4.8 out of 5

overall rating: 4.8 , pay by phone webcamsex

Time for a new webcam sex site review. This time the sexy looking site Direct Camsex. The name already suggest what this webcamsex site is all about: direct camsex! How? simple, the site offers pay by phone camsex. Let’s have a closer look shall we?

When you go to the Direct Camsex homepage you immediately see the hot camgirls just waiting for you 😉 Wow, the site design looks simple but amazingly peaceful. The use of the light colors pink is very relaxing and gives your eyes a chance to rest a little. Yes, this site feels warm and sexy, the colors and the hot webcamgirls makes you wanna stay there 🙂 Ok, we are not going anywhere.

Direct Camsex says literally: “direct camsex, direct anonymous pay by phone access”. What does it mean? It means you do not need to register, confirm emails, give your private information such as credit card numbers etc etc.. No, none of all that 🙂 Just click the hot webcamgirl of your choice, call the number with a phone…and that’s it 🙂 You have access to all webcamgirls as long as you hold the line open! Even if you want to switch between girls you can, you don’t need to call again for every single camgirl! Saves a lot time!
If you do have a credit card and you don’t really care about your privacy, you can also pay with your credit card, and in some countries you can even pay with an internet bank payment, for example “ideal” in the Netherlands. The payment options are automatically displayed when click on a webcamgirl.

At the time of this review there were 146 models online at Direct Camsex. That’s more than enough for me, and you can filter the models by girls, couples, men and transvestites. You can also change the language of the website. When you click on a model, a new window opens. In this window you can see (on the right side) profile information and free video previews and free pictures. On the left side you can see the payment options and the costs per minute. Make sure you set the right country, because all countries have different access numbers as you can see here. The pay by phone webcamsex option is available in Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand. Pricing is pretty cheap / average depending what country number you have to dial, all models charge the same per minute, prices are fixed!

Conclusion, in our humble opinion, Direct Camsex is definitely our favorite when it comes to (anonymous) pay by phone sex cams. The site’s layout and colors look refreshing, the site is very easy to use, no registration, no credit card required, enough hot camgirls and variation, free video previews, Cam2Cam is available, and pretty cheap prices too!


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Camquality/options: 5 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 5 out of 5

Pricing: 5 out of 5

overall rating:5.0


Finding hot live Indian webcam girls

Indian webcam sex is getting more and more popular and we do get a lot of requests for Indian webcam girls. Well, the truth is unfortunately there isn’t one good webcam site specialized in Indian camgirls at the moment for us to review, so up till now finding hot live Indian sex webcams can be quite frustrating. With this guide “Finding hot live Indian webcam girls” you can quickly see all live Indian webcamgirls with just a few quality links. We hope you find it useful, if so… bookmark us!

So where can we find hot and live Indian webcam girls 24/7? Just follow this Indian webcam link guide and find you Indian sex cam treasure!

    • CamContacts Indian Webcam Search for cheap Indian webcams, select “Indian” in the “Ethnic origin” box and perform a search. CamContacts has a total of 189 registered Indian hosts.
    • LiveJasmin Indian Webcam Search for live Indian webcamgirls. Perform a custom “Performer name search”. Type i.e. Indian and you will see all live performers with “Indian” in their chatname. Plenty of Indian cam results here!
    • ImLive Indian Sex Webcams. Even ImLive hasn’t got an Indian section, but a search does give plenty Indian webcam girl results. Type someting like “Indian” in the search box and click, more than 140 Indian performers registered and always some live Indian girls.
    • CheapCamSex Indian webcams well, CheapCamSex doesn’t have a lot of Indian girls, but if you are lucky you will find a few cheap Indian webcams here. Just perform a custom search with “Indian” and see if there’s a match online.

This Indian webcam guide covers the best webcam sites for Indian girls and all together have more than 600 Indian webcams, so just wortk your way through the searches and we are confident you will find the live Indian webcam girl that rocks your world on one of these sites. Have fun!

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Cam site review: , cheap scheduled sex shows

ClubXlive, I like the sound of that name, Club X reminds me of some kind of hot swingers club where you can have sex with who ever you want to, when ever you want to. Let’s see if the same holds true for ClubXlive.

The ClubXlive main page looks interesting, something different, something new, and that I like. What I like even more; registration is free, you only have to fill in your email and you receive 10 credits in your account, so you can “test” the girls with a free sex show. You do need a valid credit card to activate this offer, but it’s worth it though. Click here for $10,-

At the time of this review, I saw 30 performers online, that’s not a lot, but at least there was some variety in performers. All models have like most webcam sites, free chat, nude chat, a bio page and low/hi res photo galleries. What we like most about ClubXlive is their unique concept of “scheduled shows”. For only $5,- or $10,- you can buy a ticket for a complete one hour live sex show! Now that’s cheap webcam sex! Just check the scheme to see when the next show starts.

The average price for private shows is about $1,99 a minute, which is very reasonable, however, ClubXlive also offers a really cool membership called “gold membership”, and that is actually a great deal. For only $42 a month, you will receive 50 credits and you will receive access to 20+ one hour nude webcam shows with chat. Basically, you get unlimited access to the scheduled live sex shows for 42 bucks.

Conclusion, ClubXlive basically is a webcam site like all others but they do offer some great unique features. We really like the 10 free credits when you sign up. A great way to test the site and girls, and we like their scheduled shows even more. For only $5,- you can have a live sex show! Cheap and really cool. If you are really in to those shows, try a gold membership for unlimited access!

Camquality/options: 3 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 2 out of 5

Pricing: 4 out of 5

overall rating:3.0

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webcam girl perfect assCamperfect unfortunately no longer exists, we reccomend you have a look at our other cheap webcam sex sites

Our never ending search for cheap webcam sex continues, bringing us today, a brand new webcam sex site. This site reminds us of since they also offer a quick registration process, free live sex chat, and private sex shows starting at just under a buck a min. Let’s hope and see if we find just as good.

When we enter the site we can already see the camgirls staring for us. The layout looks clean, easy to use, but not that sexy. It makes you think you landed on some general webshop in stead of a webcam sex site, but again the site is easy to use. There is a search filter fot the free chat and nude chat, and if you want to, click on a models name to see her profile, of go directly to the free live sex chat. The free live chat looks nice, the cam quality is better than average, and you are able to video chat with the models for free without registration. But to secure you own username, we recommend you the quick registration. You don’t even have to fill in your credit card numbers, just choose a nickname and password, and that’s it! Once your are logged in you can add models to your favorites and buy credits. You can buy credits in different amounts:

25 credits for 24.99 EUR

50 credits for 49.99 EUR

75 credits for 74.99 EUR

110 credits for 99.99 EUR

So this means, one credit a minute will cost you less than $1. As long as there are girls online that charge 1 credit a min, we suspect that we should be able to find some cheap sex cams over here! Obviously the biggest plus for

Conclusion: is a nice site, easy to use, and has all the aspects that we like to see in a camsite. They definitely have the potential but for now they have a grow some more to claim a (high) position in our Top Rated list. We like the free live chat, with or without registration, and we especially love their pricing model. I will be monitoring this site closely, but at this point we prefer our top 3 cam sites since they offer exactly the same, and just have so much more models online.  That being said, for adventurous cam lovers it won’t hurt to visit and see if there is a model of your taste.

Camquality/options: 5 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 1,4 out of 5

Pricing: 5 out of 5

overall rating:3,8

Camperfect no longer exists, please have a look at out other cheap webcam sex sites

Cam site review:, fixed 99 cent cams

Time for our next cam site review: The site is pretty new, and the first thing we notice is their attractive name; it’s shouts a message that we like to investigate further, so curious as we are, we start our investigation and hope they can live up to their site name! If this cam sex site really has got a fixed rate of 0,99 per minute for ALL models, will definitely be on our watch list, let’s take a closer look.

The layout at looks simple, a bit boring but at least it is easy to understand. At the top of the page there is a banner that says: “the best live sex chat ever, only $0,99 / min” and that one sentence makes us immediately forget about the simple and boring layout. When we scroll down the page we see a “FREE CHAT” area and a “PRIVATE CAMS” area. You don’t need to register to watch the sexy “FREE CHAT” models live behind their cam, but if you also want to chat with them (and that is exactly what we want), registration is required. Registration takes about 1 minute; pick a nickname, a password, confirm your email, and you are ready to go. So, becoming a free member gives you unlimited video chat with the sexy camgirls in the “FREE CHAT” area. Needless to say the best way to get to know a model before taking her into private. Models in the “Private cam” area are not available for free chat, only available for private sex shows. All models have a profile, just click on the models name to read and see her interests, photos, user ratings and comments etc…

At the time of this review there were 92 models online, and that’s actually not bad for a brand new cam site! 48 models in the free cams area, and 44 in the private cams area, most of them are hot young girls so don’t expect a huge variety in models. Nevertheless there are a few couples, transgenders, matures and a few guys.

Pricing at is obviously their biggest plus! A fixed rate for every model. You can take every single girl into private for only $0,99 per minute! We have never seen this before at any other cam site accepts all creditcards through Verotel, Zombaio and even Epassporte can be used as a payment method. To make things even more interesting; if you buy $100 credits, you will receive $110 credits in your account. The Cam quality is excellent in a private sexshow, and very acceptable in the “FREE CHAT” area. Webcamsex with sound and Cam2cam is also available, and all that for the fixed rate of $0,99 per minute!

Conclusion, if you like girls and you like cheap camsex, we have no choice but to recommend this site. The simple layout aside, they do offer everything that a camsite anno 2009 should offer and for the unbelievable fixed price of $0,99 per minute! is definitely one of webcamlog’s favorites, and could a serious competitor for our nr.1 favorite camsite CamContacts if they would add more models and user options to the platform. To be completely honest, both CamContacts and this site offer really competitive pricing, only in a different way. It is up to you to decide which platform you prefer.

Update: 06-05-2010 Epassporte is no longer available as a payment options because Epassporte does not exist anymore. The site has grown a little (at this moment 110 models online) and the layout has been updated. User reviews are now available in the model profiles.

Camquality/options: 4.5 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 4,5 out of 5

Pricing: 4.5 out of 5

overall rating: 4,5 

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webcam site review: Webcamsex4u , pay by phone access

CHEAP cams

Time for our next webcam site review:, yes a UK based site. Why are we reviewing a UK webcam site? Well, because this site has direct anonymous phone access, has a lot of real amateurs performing, prices are cheap and it’s English so we can all understand 😉 Are you convinced? Let’s take a closer look.

The WebCamSex4U layout looks simple and easy to navigate. Even a 3 year old can understand what this site is all about: Pure anonymous pay by phone webcam sex. No registration required, just pick a model, pay by phone, and fur fill your nasty fantasies instantly. Cam2Cam is also possible.

At the time of this review I saw more than 100 models online at WebCamSex4U, which is actually quite impressive since the majority of performers are real amateurs, sitting in front of their webcam, broadcasting themselves straight out of their own homes. Even more impressive in the variety of models. The main categories are: Girls, Guys, White, Ebony, Asian, Latin and Arabic camgirls, but can also search by age, build and ethnic in their sex cam database. So whether you are into a hot petite blonde babe, a pregnant ebony granny, a latex submissive asian camgirl, a Latina plumber BBW or a chubby Arabic bondage slut, you can find them at WebCamSex4U, and have instant pay by phone access. No registration, plain anonymous webcam sex.

Pricing at WebCamSex4U is quite affordable. If you want anonymous pay by phone access, pricing depends on the country you call from. UK callers pay 1 GBP per minute, which is good. Dutch callers pay only EURO 0,80 per minute, cheap. USA callers pay USD 1,99 per minute, so that’s an average rate. The pay by phone access option is available in most European countries as well as USA and New Zealand. Other payment options are Ideal, Creditcard and Click and Buy. So you do not have to purchase a certain amount of credits, just call, and if you do not like the girl for some reason, hang up the phone, or just go to another girl. This way it will cost you almost nothing, and that’s is what we like here at webcamlog 😉

Conclusion, we are adding to our favorite pay by phone webcam sex site list. Not because it is the most beautiful site out there, but because keeps it simple. We think the “no strings attached pure webcam sex approach” is a big plus. Pay by phone access, pay per minute, lots of variety and choice, cam2cam and if you like, anonymous webcam sex.

For UK, Dutch and Belgium readers, you should definitely make this site your favorite cam site since most amateur performers are from UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. We know that it is not uncommon for amateur camgirls to meet and date steady customers in real life. WebCamSex4U could mean a hot date for you guys!!! Cheerz

Camquality/options: 4,1 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 3,9 out of 5

Pricing: 4,2 out of 5

overall rating:4,1 

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Click Here to Meet Beautiful Girl LIVE on WEBCAMS!Our next adult camsite review:, a network site with webcams from all around the world, with only amateur models who perform out of their own home. Fact is amateur girls are really popular because they tend to treat you better.

The homepage looks very friendly. A simple layout, nothing fancy but very clear. You get the feeling you entered a nice webcam community. Free registration gives you free instant access to the whole site. You can browse all user profiles, view thousands of free (sometimes nude) pictures and chat with other members for free. You can register for free here.

The main categories on are in the non adult section: Friends and Family, Make new Friends and Glamour girls. I’ve seen these non adult categories before, but I never saw actual people online until now. There were actually 40 girls online in the non adult categories! That’s a big plus for and that shows the whole community idea of the site. The adult categories are more common like Girls, Lesbians, Couples, Groups, Fetish, Dungeon, Gender Blenders and Boys. At the time of this review there were about 450 members online in the adult categories.

Pricing at is interesting. All members charge $1,99 for a private show and a peak in their lives. We think that is a big plus too, a fixed price for all cam shows, and very affordable too! Doesn’t matter which model you choose, white or black, thin or fat, small tits or big tits, ugly or pretty, They all cost the same amount.

Camquality was excellent, and we have had private chats with several models, but keep in mind that there are only amateurs on, so cam quality may vary.

We really like AllCams It really feels like a webcam community due to the big amount of amateurs, especially in the non adult categories. We would describe the sites as a user friendly platform for exhibitionists and voyeurs.

Camquality/options: 4 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 3.8 out of 5

Pricing: 4.0 out of 5

overall rating: 3.9

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FlirtforFree review, glitter and glamour

Our next review is about one of the biggest names in live adult entertainment; FlirtforFree also knows as Flirt4Free, they have been around since 1996, and are still op top of their game. FlirtforFree is not a an ordinary camsex site, yes off course, live sex is what they offer, but they offer it in a package with glitter and glamor.

Entering the main site FlirtforFree is like walking into the internet’s Moulin Rouge. The layout looks sexy and sharp, and in the middle of the screen you will see a nice high quality slide show of their performers. As expected they all look like hot glamorous girls.

When you scroll down you will see small pictures of all performers. There are 3 categories to choose from; girls (and couples), guys and shemales. At the time of this review there were 46 girls, 40 guys and 6 shemales online. Usually if a site only has 46 girls online, I would think it looks kinda poor, is just a small site or hasn’t been around that long. But not FlirtforFree. There is a little catch to this. FlirtforFree has been around since the beginning, and since that time the site has had a strict policy about hiring girls. Flirt4free only hires a girl if they think she can compete with the best! They look for specific quality’s and looks in a girl, obviously not every girl with an internet connection and an webcam can perform here. So this explains why there are only 46 girls online. And indeed, if you look closer at their performers, they all look like supermodels, even some guys look like they came straight out of baywatch.
If you click on a performer’s name you will go to the performer’s biography page, where you see their detailed appearance, such as: weight, height, breasts, waist and hips measurements. You can also read what she or he likes to do, what her/his fantasies are and what her/his fetishes are.

FlirtforFree has been a pioneer with a lot of features, for example. they were one of the first to offer free live videochat. Off course this is still available. Just pick a nickname and a model and login to the free videochat. That’s it! No registration required.

Now, the fun begins, live video chatting is free and possible without registration, and when chatting to you can decide to take a girl into private chat. Off course registration is required at this point. If a performer is already in a private show, you can still join by entering the voyeur mode. This option allows you to see another user’s private show. Typing and chatting is not possible in voyeur mode.Voyeur mode is much cheaper than regular private time! Here you can see the average pricing model for FlirtforFree per minute:

  • Private shows $5,99
  • voyeur mode $1,99
  • group chat $1,99 FREE for VIP members
  • feature shows (special live show with adult porn stars) $2,99 FREE for VIP members
  • party chat for only $0,99

As you can see, a private chat will cost you about $5,99 a minute. this is the one of the more expensive camsites I have seen so far. Now, is flirt4free too expensive? My answer to that question would be no! FlirtforFree is a brand, an exclusive brand and as said before, it’s all about quality, glitter and glamor, and that comes with a price! So if you can afford it, you won’t regret it.
If you are looking for cheap webcamsex instead, flirt4free is not the place to get it, read our camcontacts review to see where to get live camsex for only $0,50 a minute!

FlirtforFree also offers a VIP membership for $29,95 a month. Now that’s interesting.

  • VIP members enjoy unlimited access to all adult star shows. Each 3-hour show is effectively a five-hundred dollar value! You can login to any of these shows and chat with your favorite stars as they perform live exclusively for VIP members! Why is that interesting? Because FlirtforFree is known to invite really big names over the years like Tera Patrick and Carman Luvana, free chat with a celebrity!
  • VIP members will always have a nude model to chat with as a VIP member since you receive complimentary and unlimited access to our 24/7 group chat rooms. Login day or night and strike up a conversation with a nude model without any per-minute fees! So unlimited free live camsex
  • FlirtforFree records the best private shows and archive them for playback by VIP members. Enjoy over 300+ hours of recorded content, categorized by performer. Daily updates keep the material fresh and exciting. Download your favorite shows for playback while you’re offline!

Conclusion: FlirtforFree is still one of the biggest names in live sex entertainment, very expensive, but with excellent quality. Most people buy regular cars, some people buy a Ferrari, Flirt4free is like the Ferrari in live sex. The most interesting option is their VIP membership which gives you unlimited shows and much more for only $29,95 a month. If you are really into pornstar girls, FlirtforFree is the place to be!

Flirtforfree now has a great offer! If you register for free using this link here you will receive two free minutes of private time, that’s $12,00 in your account for free!!!

Camquality/options: 5 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 4 out of 5

Pricing: 2 out of 5

overall rating: 3,7

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