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cheap cam sexTime for a new camsite review:, low prized like their name already suggests, with $0.88  and $0.98 per min live cams, they bring live sex to your desktop, tablet or smartphone! The platform automatically recognizes your iphone, android or ipad so you can enjoy the shows in amazing quality wherever and whenever you like! The overall platform is really complete, mobile and desktop, they offer cheap options and great quality and variety. actually adds something new and exiting to webcam world and is already one of our favorites, so let’s see what’s more to explore!

A big difference between other new cam sites and is that this one is created with some help from ImLive, and you can bet your ass that if these guys launch a new site, it is here to stay. The homepage is off-white, actually the whole web site is mainly white / pink and it works because it is a nice soft color. The first thing we notice is that this site is already pretty big with plenty cam performers in every niche, especially for a new site (told you about those ImLive guys ;-)). The homepage is actually a summary of what is inside, I already spotted 3 cheap camgirls on the homepage alone, which is pretty obviously pretty promising.

cheapcamsex cam girl

Simply Delicious!

The search categories (yes there are more) are really simple to use but also a very important aspect of the whole platform. You will be able to find what you are looking for and narrow your searches with specific characteristics, really really user friendly. Once you have selected your niche and narrowed it down to your personal flavor, you can even show and filter your girls by the following: specific regions, languages, high quality, audio, hot rooms, new models and even low priced models! Now that is something we were hoping for. At the time of this review a random search for low priced models gave us 22 results; 15 cam girls with a $0.98 rate and 7 cam girls with an $0.88 rate…This is perhaps a good time to thank this web site for never ending cheap webcam sex!

Browsing is absolutely free, you can even chat with the models and choose a nick name without registering. However if you want to purchase credits for one of those horny webcam girls, a quick registration is obviously required. Luckily the process is really fast, so once you have chosen you username / password and filled in your email address you can immediately choose a credit package ($25, $50, $75 or $100). Payments are done by credit or debit card and securely processed by CCbill or Epoch billing.

Worth mentioning are also the VIP membership which gives you unlimited free access to all the showtimes and more, the top cam models list for the best webcam sex girls. The fact that this cam site offers top quality, a great variety, cheap cam girls and all that available on desktop and on your iphone, ipad or other mobile device makes one of our favorites! Now if you please excuse me, I am going to enjoy myself with some of the $0.98 webcam girls 😉


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Camquality/options: 4.8 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 4.8 out of 5

Pricing: 4.8 out of 5

overall rating: 4.8 review

phone access camsLet’s take a close look at Obviously this site specialized in “phone access” sex cams which comes in very handy if you would like to enjoy an adult video chat but don’t have a credit card or want to remain anonymous. The other major advantage of paying by phone is that you do not have to purchase a package of credits up front, you simply call the (premium) number and as long as you keep the line open, you can visit the video chat rooms of the live girls, boys, couples and shemales. Since it’s phone access, you pay by the second, and if you are “done”, just hang up the phone and the connection will stop. Probably the only thing left, and the only clue you were ever there, is a big satisfied smile on your face.

You start by accepting the “adult warning” so you can enter the platform. A homepage full of little cam boxes awaits you inside. We do feel the layout is a little boring, a little 2008 to be honest. The site should automatically be displayed in your geo language but you can change the language on top of the page. They must have put some effort into this, because the platform is available in about every thinkable language. Even the Chinese language is available in case you would like to combine pleasure with a little study. I am not sure whether there is a premium number for people located in China though. I do feel they should have put the same amount of effort in the design but in the end it’s the content that matters of course and at first sight the content looks great. has a few pretty decent search / filter options that should make it easy to find the girl you are looking for. You can quick select girls / buys or shemales in different age ranges from teens to gilfs. Additionally the drop down menu on the right enables you to select more specific characteristics like “brunettes” , “Asian”, “Arabian”, “BBW” and “Matures”.  For a pay by phone webcam site, the amount of live performers is pretty impressive. No less than 150 girls, 10 cam boys and 15 shemales live so the desired amount of variety is definitely there.

Once you have made browsed the models, read profiles and made your choice, you click on “START CHAT”. A new opens with all the info and options you need to have to start a live sex session. If you location is not already set up correctly, just select the country you at and the correct telephone number will be displayed. The rates are fixed for all countries and very from euro 0,80 in the Netherlands to $1,99 in the US. Additionally you can create an account for discounts and other payment options will be available for members (credit card,Ukash).

What we like about this site is that the majority of the models are real amateurs, tons of Dutch and UK camgirls broadcasting live shows from their bedroom, because that is what they love to do, not because they have to. That makes interacting so much more real and better. The cam quality can vary, but most of the girls have decent web cameras and some have even crystal clear camcorders set up. All together is definitely worth checking out is you are in a rush, or simply don’t have a credit card and wish to remain anonymous. 


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Camquality/options: 4.8 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 4.8 out of 5

Pricing: 4.8 out of 5

overall rating: 4.8


Mobile Android, iPad & Iphone webcam sex at

iphone webcam sexApple hates porn and webcam sex, so up till now Iphone, ipod and Ipad users all have a big problem finding it. Not anymore!!! Because a new iphone webcam sex era has arrived, and we are really proud to be of the the first websites to present the newly developed CamContacts Mobile webcams at The days of crappy mobile and iphone experiences are over! With the new platform, live webcam girls will stream right into your Safari browser, making iphone, ipod or Ipad webcam sex and Android webcam sex possible without an application. Sounds awesome!

So, why is this new mobile site so refreshing. Well, because you don’t have to download another extra app to your iphone in order to make it work. BTW, I am talking about iphone webcam sex because it is developed especially for the iphone / ipad / ipod to begin with, but also works perfectly on all android operating systems for those looking for android webcam sex (for example froyo), and it will work on every mobile phone, PDA and smartphone in the near future. Unlike everything we have seen so far, CamContacts mobile cams are optimized for smartphone browsers like Safari, Opera and Android browsers. Basically that means live cams feeds are streamed onto your smart phone. Now you have access to the same cam features that we are used to on desktop, only this time we do it mobile with

The guys at CamContacts did a great job on the mobile homepage, they managed to make it really easy to navigate but the graphics still look great. Actually, this is probably one the better mobile sites I have seen so far. Obviously the layout and colors are done in that recognizable CamContacts style, very important, not only because existing CamContacts members can login onto the new mobile site as well!

If  you are not already a CamContacts member, registration on the mobi site is free and easy, just choose a  screenname/password and confirm your email address, verify your age (18+) by credit card and you are good to go. Note; your credit card will not be charged unless you specifically enter a paid mobile videochat. Therefore, signing up for a an account is really recommendable, because it does give you access to lots of free stuff. Register for free here.

Now, once we are registered and logged in, it’s time for some action. The live webcamgirls can be found at the “whoisonline” page. As you can see, this is just the “desktop” version optimized for mobile. The categories are identical, and your favorite CamContacts girls are now in the touch of your hand, about 700 girls online at any time on your iphone or android device. Search models and browse their profiles all you want. Did you notice that specific model info like free pictures and even the reliable user ratings are displayed just like on the  “desktop” version? I guess the rest will be history, just pick a webcamgirl of your choice and click “videochat” for live cam chat on your smart phone.

The quality of the video feed is very impressive, during my private session, (which lasted about 20 minutes), there were no annoying interruptions and the overall experience was really acceptable at least, even great considering it is all happening in my iphone browser. CamContacts mobile is optimized for the Safari browser (apple’s iphone, ipod touch and ipad browser) and for android phones but updates for other browsers like Opera will be added soon. I used an iphone 3G with standard Safari browser for this review, and everything worked like it is supposed to work, smooth and fast.

All together we are really optimistic about the mobile platform. It is the next best thing for all those android, iphone and ipad users who want to use their mobile device for live cam sex. With, the whole apple and android generation can go crazy!

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Gay cams review

Cheap Gay Sex CamsFirst of all we are pleased that one of our readers has won $500 in cam credits by participating in the CamContacts contest of last week. Here you can read all about camcontacts and sign up for free. This week we are going to talk about gay cams, personally not my cup of tea, but we do realize that as a live cam review site we should review at least a few gay cam sites, since the online gay community is huge! Today I want to take a look at Cameraboys , a webcam site with only male models. I do like the sound of their name, sounds affordable!

The site looks like it has been created as a “niche” site, targeted for gay webcams, because I have seen the same layout on other big cam sites. However, I do like this set up, and if you are looking for gay cams online, obviously this site offers exactly what you want. One thing that is really cool is that cheapgaysexcams has an iphone / android and ipad version of their platform.

At the time of this review 129 male models online, 111 gay camguys, and 18 straight guys. The boys are divided into categories like age, body type, penis size and fetishes. I noticed a lot of guys with bigger cock than me, of course that makes me jealous and I do not like that, just kidding 😉 As far of the models, plenty of men to choose from.

top camboy

Watching and chatting with the camboys is 100% free, even without a registration, but for a limited time (as few minutes). If you like what you see, it’s easy to  become a member and get access to unlimited free chat and other member features like the full size profile pics, which can be pretty hot! Sign up here and become a member.

The rates for private shows vary from very affordable to reasonable. The new cam guys charge only $0,98 per minute, while the average price is $1,99 per min. Additionally there are happy hour shows that you can join (these are group shows) for only 88 cents. Credits van be purchased via secured credit card processors and there are several packages to choose from.

To wrap it up, if I was looking for gay cams, a site like cheapgaysexcams would definitely grab my attention. The choice in camboys is pretty impressive, video quality is excellent, prices are very affordable and the site is mobile compatible in case you are on (for example) an ipad.

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How to find facetime sex with girls on your iphone

Facetime sexFirst of all, if you are looking for facetime sex with girls on your iphone, just use, it’s cheap and optimized for iphone, ipod, ipad etc. Other good options are CheapCamSex or LiveJasmin. A little history lesson: when facetime was introduced on the iphone, there was a lot of speculation about the future of adult iphone video chat. Was facetime sex the solution for iphone owners looking for adult entertainment. Quickly after the launch of face time several companies opened their doors and promoted hot girls that were available for face time sex for a (pretty expensive) pay per minute rate. For a while it looked like this type of adult iphone video chat was booming business but unfortunately the facetime sex companies are already out of business. The website (I think the biggest at the time) offered both face time sex and skype sex with girls for a rate per minute. A few months ago, also stopped all facetime sex activities unfortunately, due to the lack of face time adoption and the harsh competition from webcam sites according to former CEO Travis Falsta. We use the word “unfortunately” because we too were pretty excited about the whole facetime sex developments and were following companies like ip4play with a lot of interest. But there is good chance CEO Travis Falsta will continue his facetime sex and skype sex activities when these technologies are wider adopted, we certainly hope so and probably it is just a matter of time. We’ll keep you posted of course.

face time sexfacetime girls
So does all this mean iphone owners that are looking for facetime sex with hot girls are without options now? Luckily not! The adult industry is very flexible and always manages to adjust very fast. Because although adult videochat apps are not allowed by apple, browser optimized iphone sex platforms are already a standard for most camsites. Feel free to read our in depth review about iphone videochat  here. In reality it really doesn’t matter if you are enjoying a hot girl using face time or a web based solution such as, as long as the quality is good. And that is certainly the case with the options I have presented to you in the beginning of this article. We will keep you informed as soon as we hear new facts about facetime sex and skype sex solutions. In the meantime you know where to get adult iphone videochat now 😉 Enjoy!

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LiveJasmin goes mobile, iphone, ipad, android and tablet compatible

livejasmin iphone android
Did you know their are already a few countries with more mobile internet users than desktop users? As mobile devices are being used for internet more and more every day, it is obviously very important for webcam sites to adapt and to be able to satisfy their users on all available mobile platforms. Previously we already saw and and ImLive Mobile with outstanding android and iphone webcam sex solutions, and now we can add also LiveJasmin mobile to our top list of mobile webcam sex sites. For that particular reason, of course one of the best and most famous webcam site can’t stay behing; so LiveJasmin mobile has been developed, and works outstanding at first sight.

If you have an iphone or an ipad, you can just visit LiveJasmin mobile with this link. If you have any other tablet or smartphone the same link will work for you. The system will automatically recognize your device and adjust to it so you can enjoy the livejasmin girls on your mobile screen like always. This is all web based so you don’t have to download a special ipad or iphone app in order to enjoy iphone webcam sex. Enjoy as you go!

Apple doesn’t allow adult apps and webcam sex apps as you will probably know, but luckily google isn’t that prudent and does allow webcamsex apps. So there is a special livejasmin app for android users. With the LiveJasmin android app that you can download for free you can transform your android device into a mobile sex machine.

Blackberry users can also enjoy LiveJasmin mobile on their phone. In general the quality of the cam streams is pretty impressive. About the same quality as the other providers in our top mobile list. I’ve tested LiveJasmin mobile on an iphone, and a Samsung tablet and on an android phone (with the app) and I am very please with what I’ve seen on these devices. If your connection is fast enough, you quality is more than acceptable to enjoy mobile camgirls, and it really makes me wonder what the future of mobile will bring us…

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Imlive mobile android & iphone webcam sex

android webcam sexExcitement does not describe how I felt when learned that now has a Mobile solution that supports basically all operating systems: ImLive Mobile. As you probably know, ImLive is one of largest camsites and has been around for more than 8 years with over 20 million members. Now they bring us an optimal video chat experience directly to your mobile device, and boy have they delivered!

The ImLive mobile page is easy in use and navigation. It even features a short video tutorial demonstrating how the product works, and that is sweet. It is totally free to join; so all you need to do is click here, watch the demo video and enter your county code and phone number in order to receive a FREE text link to download the application. PLUS you get a bonus of 15 FREE chat credits when you login for the first time from your phone, so if you’re not already a member, sign-up now. As said it does not matter what kind of handset you own, ImLive Mobile can support any type of operating system eg. Symbian (Nokia), Android (HTC) and iPhone / Safari etc…).

Once you’ve downloaded the application you are in business and within seconds you have access to 1000’s of online amateurs available in every thinkable niche 24/7. ImLive has probably one of the richest variety of webcam performers out there so you can find whatever you are looking on your mobile. You can browse profiles for free, pictures for free and then choose who you want to go into a mobile private one-on-one session with. However, private Iphone webcam sex, symbian webcam sex or android webcam sex does cost money; you just need to buy video chat credit which can be done directly from your cell. Oh! And for those of you who are already ImLive members, you can use video chat credit from your web account to chat on your mobile. Which basically means you can chat with your favorite ImLive webcam performers anytime and anywhere.

During my review, I used an iphone to test the service and my private mobile session lasted about 15 minutes long. The video streaming quality was better than I expected at first. Once you’re used the smaller screen size, it really felt no different from desktop which is amazing when you think about it. ImLive has really outdone themselves and continue to live up to their reputation as webcam sex leaders.

In a nutshell, ImLive Mobile provides:

  • Support for ALL operating systems, Symbian, iphone,  android webcam sex!
  • Optimal video chat directly to your mobile device
  • Access to countless of live amateurs on your mobile
  • Easy to navigate mobile platform
  • FREE sign-up + 15 mobile video chat credits with your first login
  • Private one-on-one live mobile sex shows

What more could I ask for! In order to get 15 ImLive credits 100% FREE, just fill in your phone number here. This is a must try for sure!!!  

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Finding hot live Indian webcam girls

Indian webcam sex is getting more and more popular and we do get a lot of requests for Indian webcam girls. Well, the truth is unfortunately there isn’t one good webcam site specialized in Indian camgirls at the moment for us to review, so up till now finding hot live Indian sex webcams can be quite frustrating. With this guide “Finding hot live Indian webcam girls” you can quickly see all live Indian webcamgirls with just a few quality links. We hope you find it useful, if so… bookmark us!

So where can we find hot and live Indian webcam girls 24/7? Just follow this Indian webcam link guide and find you Indian sex cam treasure!

    • CamContacts Indian Webcam Search for cheap Indian webcams, select “Indian” in the “Ethnic origin” box and perform a search. CamContacts has a total of 189 registered Indian hosts.
    • LiveJasmin Indian Webcam Search for live Indian webcamgirls. Perform a custom “Performer name search”. Type i.e. Indian and you will see all live performers with “Indian” in their chatname. Plenty of Indian cam results here!
    • ImLive Indian Sex Webcams. Even ImLive hasn’t got an Indian section, but a search does give plenty Indian webcam girl results. Type someting like “Indian” in the search box and click, more than 140 Indian performers registered and always some live Indian girls.
    • CheapCamSex Indian webcams well, CheapCamSex doesn’t have a lot of Indian girls, but if you are lucky you will find a few cheap Indian webcams here. Just perform a custom search with “Indian” and see if there’s a match online.

This Indian webcam guide covers the best webcam sites for Indian girls and all together have more than 600 Indian webcams, so just wortk your way through the searches and we are confident you will find the live Indian webcam girl that rocks your world on one of these sites. Have fun!

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Mobile webcam sex review:

Time for a brand new webcam site review, and since mobile webcam sex or iphone webcam sex is becoming more and more popular, we figured this is a good time to review one of the leading mobile and iphone webcam sex site Yes, a true .mobi domain for true mobile webcam sex apps and mobile porn apps. Let’s find out more, shall we?

So how does mobile / iphone webcam sex work? Well, for starters you need to have a mobile phone or other mobile device (all regular phones, smart phones, iphones with internet will do). Now visit with you mobile device. For this review I am using a HTC smartphone and I have to say, the layout just fits perfect on my screen and that’s a big plus. In my opinion, especially mobile webcam sex sites should be easy to navigate and too much scrolling should be avoided. definitely matches up to these standards. The homepage looks nice with the colors pink and white and a quick glace at the site makes you realize what it is about, mobile sex cams and cheap mobile porn videos.

Let’s start with the mobile sex webcams. If you want to experience  the pleasures of mobile webcam sex, you should download the free webcam sex application on your iphone or mobile. Just click on a webcam performer or click the “2 minutes FREE !” link and you will redirected to the “LiveCam Player” application download page. That’s a nice detail btw, the first 2 webcam sex minutes  are free, free mobile webcamsex? Yes, a great promotion to get comfortable with mobile webcam sex, Another nice detail, recognizes automatically what kind of mobile device you have, so if you have an iphone, you will get the iphone webcam sex app automatically. Once your mobile webcam sex app is installed, you have access to the about 150 online mobile webcam girls and browsing models and enjoy mobile webcam sex becomes so simple and fun, it really explains itself.

The mobile porn video section is also really interesting. You can see the most popular mobile porn clips in the “top videos” area, and if you are looking for your favorite porn niche, you will succeed at Just click the “more mobile porn videos” and there you go, all the mobile porn categories you can think of, waiting to be downloaded.

So what about pricing and payment options? Well, mobile webcam sex goes is free for the first 2 minutes and after that only $1.99 a minute, pretty cheap actually. You can download all mobile porn videos for only $1.99 , and only €1.50 in euro countries, that’s cheap mobile porn. You can simply pay by wap billing, text message or credit card. All the options you need!

Mobile Camquality/options: 4.5 out of 5

Choice performers/niches: 4.5 out of 5

Pricing: 4.5 out of 5

overall rating: 4.5 

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